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Geotechnical Engineer

ACCIONA is looking for a Geotechnical Engineer in its Construction Division for a Canadian Project.
Key Responsibilities:
·         Geotechnical Investigation Planning.
·         Coordination of the Design for Bridge Foundations and Earthworks.
·         Technical Assistance on Pavements Design.
·         Technical Assistance to the Construction Managers.
·         Assessment of Non-Conformities.
·         Geotechnical Representative for the Contractor. Pre-approval for materials won on site, borrow pits and quarries.

·         Civil Engineering with a Geotechnical emphasis or Master’s degree in Geotechnical Engineering.
·         Extensive experience in construction projects (10 years)
·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

ACCIONA is a global company with a business model based on sustainability. Its aim is to respond to society’s main needs through the provision of renewable energy, infrastructure, water and services.
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