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Business Development Manager

Mission: Responsible for planning and executing the commercial and business activities of the division, including the relationship with the clients to whom services are provided. Likewise, he/she is responsible for the start-up and follow-up of new projects, up to the moment of delivery to the client or to the Operation and Maintenance and Engineering and Construction departments.
-       Identifies market opportunities, knows the needs of potential customers and translates them into viable projects for both the business line and its customers.
-       Analyze the technical, legal, financial and environmental viability of the projects.
-       Is responsible for making the technical and economic proposals of the projects.
-       Prepares offers and participates in negotiations. Presents the proposals to potential clients and refines the requirements, taking care of the impact that these adjustments may represent to the business line.
-       Is responsible for negotiating with the clients of the projects and their respective economic proposals, to achieve their closure, taking care of their viability at all times.
-       Supervises the preparation of documentation packages to participate in contests and bids.
-       Establishes and maintains in good condition the relationships with companies, government institutions and third parties, to facilitate the completion of projects in a timely manner.
-       During projects execution, maintains contact with the client until the end of them by following up and facilitating the relief of pending issues, in order to maintain good relations and take care of the image of the company.
-       Negotiate extensions / modifications to the approach, planning or scope of the project. He/she is responsible for negotiating the additional requirements or modifications requested by the client to the projects that are already in the execution process.
-       Delivers to the General Management periodically reports on progress in the search for business opportunities, proposals in process, negotiations and other processes under its responsibility.
-       Manage the budget of the projects, ensuring profitability and committed income.
-       Respond to the client about the progress of the project.
-       Coordinate multidisciplinary teams, with which it does not have hierarchical dependence.
-       Develop his/her team members, transmitting experiences and best practices.
-       Identify opportunities and provide differential solutions to the needs of each client.
-       Prepare and present documents effectively in difficult situations.

Degree/Training: Bachelor in Engineering, Business Administration, Finance, related or similar.
Additional Training: Knowledge of electricity market, power generation projects, renewable energy.
Languages/Level: English/Very High
Years/Areas experience required: 5 years holding similar functions.

ACCIONA is a global company with a business model based on sustainability. Its aim is to respond to society’s main needs through the provision of renewable energy, infrastructure, water and services.
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