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Human Resources Manager

ACCIONA is looking for an HR Manager for our Project located in Trondheim (Norway): E6 Ranheim–Værnes. 

Tasks may vary, but will include:


- Updating and correcting the HR Policies and Procedures of the project and monitoring the compliance of these by employees and subcontractors, in respect with the local laws and regulations.

- Applying ACCIONA Policy and coordinate with Head Quarter HR departments.

- Recording and updating the organizational chart as changes occur. These changes to be logged by the issue of a new organization chart which shall be distributed to the concerned parties on a monthly basis, on the 10th   calendar day of each month;

- Managing the recruitment, employment, orientation, on boarding, remuneration and benefits, issuing of employment contracts, time and attendance, development, performance evaluation, termination, union and other HR stakeholders, in compliance with code of conduct, equal employment opportunity policies, local laws and regulations.

- Managing the required permits needed to work for some production positions (blasting permits for instance)

- Being the custodian of work benefits standards scale, enacting the general guidelines with respect to the benefits scale and making recommendations to the Project Director.

- Payroll management of the local hired employees and for the legal compliance with local labor laws and regulations for both hired and seconded employees.

- Ensure that the requirement in the contract regarding HR topic with the Client are compliance.



- Higher education / University preferred, in absence of which a strong ground experience would compensate

- Between 5 and 10 years operational experience in the field of HR.

- Experience in construction industry will be very well valued.

- Fluent in Norwegian and English


Personal skills:
- Ability to work under high pressure.

- Ability to cooperated with different stakeholders.

- Good communication and interpersonal skills.

ACCIONA is a global company with a business model based on sustainability. Its aim is to respond to society’s main needs through the provision of renewable energy, infrastructure, water and services.
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