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Subcontracts Administration Engineer

ACCIONA Industrial is looking for a Subcontracts Administration Engineer for an important Project in Scotland.
He/She will be in charge of the Administration of the Subcontracts that are assigned to him/her in the Project, from the early phase, analyzing the measurements and unit prices contemplated in the bidding phase, in the initial budget and in the BOQs finally agreed, until the closing of subcontracts with provisional acceptances and final settlements.
•          Apply the Technical Procedures of Subcontracts Administration and Costs Control of the company.
•          Be aware of the contents of the subcontracts under his/her economic control.
•          Inform and Report about the Works and Subcontracts:
    Report regularly about the Subcontracts Status to the Area Supervisor (Subcontract Supervisor), to the Procurement & Subcontracting General Manager, to the Procurement & Subcontracting Site Manager and to the Project Manager.
•          Measurements Management:
            Develop and maintain records of detailed measurements and assessment based on the initial ones received from the Area Supervisor / Project Control / Engineering / Quantity Surveyor and Subcontractor, under contractual criteria, drawing, and schemes in its last version.
            Develop and Update the Final Quantity forecast based on real measurements and total certification to be completed in accordance with the initials received from the Area Supervisor / Project Control / Quantity Surveyor / Subcontractor.
            Coordinate, inform and contrast the Main Quantities (Key Quantities) with Cost Control and Planning Department on site.
•          Management of FEWO (Field Extra Work Orders)
            Develop, train and report to the staff on site, including the Subcontractor, about the FEWO procedures: generation (request), evaluation, approval (if applicable) and certification.
            Evaluate, approve or reject, under the contractual criteria, the FEWO submitted by the Subcontractor.
            Report to the Subcontractor, officially (letter or email) and in due time, about the contractual reasons for the rejection and/or modification in the measurement.
            Develop and maintain the FEWO status records and works and communications exchanged with the Subcontractor; this activity will be coordinated with the Area Supervisor involved.
            Risk Analysis, evolution and forecast curves and charts for the FEWO
•          Claims Management:
            Evaluate and study, under contractual requirements, all the Subcontractors claims; this activity will be coordinated with the Area Supervisor (Manager) and the rest of areas involved on the Subcontractor Activity.
            Report to the Subcontractors, officially (letter or email) and in due time, about the reasons contractual reasons for the rejection and/or acceptation of the impact in terms of costs and/or deadlines.
            Develop and maintain the Claims Status Records exchanged with the Subcontractors.
            Risk Analysis, Evolution and forecast curves and charts for the Claims exchanged with the Subcontractors.
•          Back-Charges Management
            Develop, train and inform to the related staff on site, including Subcontractor, about the Back-Charges Procedures.
            Develop and Maintain the Back-Charges records (status) per Subcontractor.
            Contradictory Prices Management:
            Develop, train and report to the staff involved, including Subcontractor, about the Contradictory Prices procedure.
            Develop and maintain the Contradictory Prices Status records per Subcontractor.
•          Certifications Management:
            To contrast measurement status records, FEWO, Claims, Contradictory Prices, Back-Charges, etc. with the monthly certifications presented by the Subcontractor.
            Contrast monthly progress certifications submitted by the Subcontractor with the detailed estimations approved by planning department /supervision area on site.
            To verify that all documents indicated in the Contract have been issued by the Subcontractors (warranty bonds, invoices, Union Certificated (if apply), etc.)
            Approval of last certification in time and form.
            Application and registration of FEWO, claims, deductions, back-charges (when apply) in the Subcontractors monthly certifications.
•          Coordination with Planning at site:
            To keep updated the Measurements Records Status, FEWO, Back-charges and Claims based on Project budget items to integrate on the Project Cost Control Report all the subcontracts information obtained effectively and efficiently.
            Receive information about the Client Change Orders or Additional Work Order that have impact on time or on cost.
            Inform about the changes on Cost or Time that would become a New Client Change Order - Additional Work Order.
            Suggest corrective actions that would be effective on time and form.
•          Subcontracts Final Report
•          Subcontracts Close-out
•          Degree in Engineering (organization / industrial / mining).
•          Minimum experience of 7 years performing functions as Subcontract Administrator in large EPC projects in Oil & Gas or conventional energies or renewable energies. Prior experience in Biomass Projects or WTE is a strong plus.
•          Advanced level in Microsoft Excel. Prior knowledge of budget management tools such as MENFIS GO or PRESTO is an advantage.
•          Languages: very high command of English (C1-C2).
•          Availability to travel.

ACCIONA is one of the foremost Spanish business corporations, leader in the development and management of infrastructure, renewable energy, water and services. Listed on the selective Ibex-35 stock exchange index, it is a benchmark for the market.
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