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We are an international company with a workforce of more than 38,500 top professionals, present in more than 40 countries across the five continents. Leaders in Innovation and Technological Development at the service of society, we’re looking for experts in designing a better planet who can go out there and promote sustainable development and find solutions to the biggest global challenges, including global warming, overpopulation and water scarcity.

Acciona Agua se encuentra en la búsqueda del mejor talento para el puesto de Ingeniero Residente.

Job Description

Collaborate and provide support on projects carried out by his/her unit/department, in keeping with the instructions given by his/her supervisor, performing the tasks delegated to him/her to meet the project’s needs.

They are responsible for defining and setting out the strategy necessary for Services for Operation, thereby maximising the company’s profits with special emphasis on client relations, and linking the tasks and projects of their area with the needs and services that the internal clients demand.
They are responsible for carrying out repairs and maintenance of machinery and equipment. They carry out regular checks that the facilities are in good operating conditions; carry out general maintenance work and work on elements for automation of services.

Required Skills and Competencies


Profesional Titulado en Ingeniería Sanitaria y/o Ingeniería Civil y/o Ingeniería de Caminos, Canales y Puertos y/o en Ingeniería Mecánica de Fluidos, y/o Ingeniería de Obras Públicas, colegiado y habilitado en el CIP.

Experiencia mínima de tres (03) años como Ingeniero Residente y/o Ingeniero  Supervisor y/o Ingeniero Inspector y/o Ingeniero de Obras y/o Residente Principal y/o Supervisor Principal y/o Jefe de Supervisor y/o Inspector, en actividades que comprendan:

  • Instalación y/o Mantenimiento y/o rehabilitación de redes de agua y/o redes de alcantarillado y/o
  • Instalación y/o Mantenimiento y/o Rehabilitación de Conexiones Domiciliarias de Agua y/o Alcantarillado, y/o
  • Instalación y/o Reposición y/o Rehabilitación de Redes de Agua Potable y/o Alcantarillado (Primarias o Secundarias) y/u obras de saneamiento.
  • Obras de agua potable y saneamiento: actuaciones urgentes de renovación y/o reparación de redes de abastecimiento de agua y/o renovación de redes de abastecimiento de agua.

We are an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to diversity. ACCIONA is aligned with law Nº 27278 and prohibits discrimination based on gender, race, religion and language.

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