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Wind Turbine Technician - ND

- Perform assembly, commissioning, testing, repair and maintenance on wind turbine generators and related equipment at wind farm
- Conduct and review safety analyses of potential electrical and mechanical hazards in the wind turbines, switch room, and the O&M building
- Support Root Cause Analyses to assist in determining equipment failure and the reasons for failures when they occur
- Complete required and accurate documentation associated with corrective and preventive maintenance of wind turbines and associated equipment; maintain records of documentation
- Troubleshoot, adjust, repair, and/or retrofit low to medium voltage electrical, mechanical or hydraulic components and equipment associated with wind turbines and the wind farm
- Perform preventative maintenance activities in a safe and efficient manner on wind turbines and associated equipment located on the wind farm
- Utilize appropriate safety gear, protective equipment, and control or dissipation of energy sources to ensure work is performed in safe manner
- Conduct safety analysis and review of hazards and energy sources prior to and while  performing any work assignment on the wind farm
- Properly maintain tools and equipment used to perform assigned maintenance assignments  
- Maintain required training certifications and qualifications as to enable personnel to safely perform work related tasks in a quality matter
- Other responsibilities as assigned
- Requires a high school education or equivalent, college degree a plus
- Ability to travel to domestic and international locations for work and/or training for extended periods of time
- Flexibility to work overtime and rotating shifts as required
- Previous experience working with hand tools and power tools
- Able to work independently in a fast paced team environment
- Ability to move and manipulate up to 50 pounds, climb vertical ladders and work at heights of 100 meters
- Ability to work in both indoor and outdoor environments, and in adverse and extreme weather conditions, in dust, pollen, weeds, grasses, and in confined spaces
- Ability to be certified and work with both medium and high voltage equipment
- Maintain required training certifications
- Have a valid driver’s license and satisfactory driving record
- Ability to safely travel to the wind farm within 45 minutes in the event of an emergency
- Ability to obtain a U.S. Passport
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